Mac Power Users

The following links correspond to items discussed during the Winter Tech Fair workshop:

Where to find icons for the Mac:
Icons Sets for Mac
Interface LIFT Icons

Apple Features
Dashboard Widgets

Mac Fonts
Free Mac Fonts

Mac Troubleshooting Help
Apple Support

Free Apps to Consider
Removes unused languages from your hard drive to free up space for more relevant things.

Apimac Timer
Free timer for a Mac includes stopwatch, countdown, and alarm clock. Pro version also available for cost.

Net News Wire
Read all of your news on topics that interest you, in one place.

VLC Media Player
If this application can't play your media files, nothing can.

Paid Apps to Consider
Highlights areas of your computer window when you're teaching or demonstrating something for students.

Uninstalls applications and ALL of their related hidden files.

Allows you to double-click on an open window to collapse it as a window shade. Takes the place of minimizing windows to the dock, but can be adjusted to suit your needs. NOTE: There are different versions for Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6. Be sure to download the correct one.

Dock Organizer/Application Launchers: