Art & Music Resources

Color in Motion
An interactive experience of color communication and color symbolism. (English and Spanish)

This site is a MUST for teaching digital color or design classes. Kuler is a free color palette generator by Adobe that is useful for website design, digital art, and harmony reflecting a particular mood or tone. Even people without the software or technology interest will find the color palettes of interest for planning any project involving colors.

Google Art Project
Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

Artisan Cam
This award-winning website highlights contemporary artists for students. Every featured artist episode introduces various art forms, how life experiences influence artistic choices, and why artists create. Media on the site include painting, printmaking, installation, textiles, jewelry, sculpture, and ceramics.

Color Vision & Art
Color, Vision and Art offers students a unique opportunity to make cross-curricular connections and is a great starting point for individual or group projects. Students interested in Anatomy, Neuroscience, Painting, or Art History, will enjoy exploring this site independently. Each individual chapter comes with a selection of extension tasks from which students can choose. The "Exhibit" tab also offers suggestions for directing class discussions and provides tasks that initiate higher order thinking. Guiding questions about the neurobiological interpretation of color, will simultaneously develop student ability to analyze and interpret color used in art.

School by Fire
Let your class transform hot molten glass into art without having to call the fire department. School by Fire is a virtual interactive glassblowing activity that demonstrates the process of creating "macchia" glass. Students experience the complete sequence of steps while keeping a close eye on the temperature of the fire. When students finish their glass project, they can print it out.

One of the better comic creation tools, this site provides characters, settings, props, effects and more. All you or your students need is the story! This is a free tool, but there is educator pricing for classroom safeguards.

Create a Comic
Create drawings from scratch or upload your own.

Use this free online picture generator to create and add graphics to student materials or have students use this tool to add graphics to their original work.

Draw Island
A free online drawing tool, containing many of the same tools found in expensive drawing programs.

Free Music for Digital Productions
"You already have permission." So begins this site that offers free music (no copyright; no royalties) for use in digital productions, podcasts, and other multimedia presentations.

Free Rice Vocabulary-Famous Paintings
Students see a famous painting and choose the correct title from 4 possible answers. As accuracy increases, so does level of difficulty. For each correct answer, sponsors of the site donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

Apple's GarageBand
Use the tutorials provided here to teach your students how to create music using GarageBand. This program comes free on every Mac computer. Let me know if you would like private lessons on using the software.

Free and legal music downloads for use in presentations, videos, or just to listen on an iPod.