Social Studies Resources

Fact Check
Non-partisan fact checking of political ads and other political events published by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Events of the day can be understood from multiple perspectives when viewed from around the US and the world. This site provides links to the front pages of over 800 newspapers. The front pages are in their original, unedited form, and some may contain material that is deemed objectionable to some visitors. Discretion is advised.

Mesopotamia-The British Museum
Assyria, Babylonia, Sumer ... what do you need to know? The museum's informational website includes stories, myths, photos, geography and much more.

GeoCam allows you to view what is happening around the world as it happens. This site provides a map of active webcams from around the world that you can click on. Green markers with a number show how many camera are in the area. Blue markers indicate individual folks streaming video live from their mobile devices. Previewing by the teacher is HIGHLY recommended.

Civic Voices
Civic voices offers teachers a wide array of classroom materials about comparative civics, comparing governments, and comparing democracies around the world. A collection of student-recorded essays and oral histories from a wide variety of countries gives students the opportunity to learn about governments and countries by "talking" and listening to the people. Students also learn how to collect oral histories and write relevant questions. They can select a country and a subject and hear what its citizens have to say about its history, politics, and government.

Hands-On Banking
Want to take charge of your own finances and reach your goals? Just pick your age group and get started! Whether you want to build your credit, your investments, or your own small business; invest in the market, a home, or higher education; shop for a loan, buy a car, or open your first bank accounts, this site offers students and adults all the basic money tools, skills, and information needed.

AROUNDER gives travelers a vivid sense of what a city has to offer: historical cathedrals and works of art, museums featuring famous artists, local cafes and stores, breathtaking mountain-top views, quiet parks and gardens. Each issue contains a series of interesting panoramas giving you a full immersive view of the cities. Navigation is easy with Google maps of the city and surrounding area. Every issue also links to local merchants with virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, spas and stores.

Interactive Constitution
Search the US Constitution by keyword, topic, or Supreme Court case. Results provide specific information pertaining to your search without having to leave the site.

Maps ETC
Need a map? This site provides over 5000 maps over multiple time periods, from small regions to whole continents. Maps can be displayed or printed.

Explore US Surnames
Use this interactive map of the US to explore the prevalence of the most common US surnames. What can we learn about the movement of citizens across our nation?

Slave Voyages
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade database has information on almost 35,000 slaving voyages that forcibly embarked over 10 million Africans between the 16th and 19th centuries. It offers researchers, students, and the general public a chance to rediscover the reality of one of the largest forced movements of people in world history.

Recovery Spending is the U.S. government’s official website that provides easy access to data related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

Conflict History
This site provides a timeline and visual history of "hotspots" around the world across history via world maps and detailed information panels.

US Government search engine by Google
Type in a word or term and this Google-powered search will return results only having to do with the U.S. Government.

Understanding the Supreme Court
Six interactive games which teach about the Supreme Court:
1. How does the US Supreme Court create its particular look of authority?
2. Inspiration for Supreme Court decisions
3. The First 100 Years
4. Test your knowledge of court history and the Constitution
5. Explore the court's changing stands on the issues of citizenship and equality.
6. The future of the court: decisions for the future

Primary Access
PrimaryAccess is a suite of free online tools that allows students and teachers to use primary source documents to complete meaningful and compelling learning activities with digital movies, storyboards, rebus stories and other online tools.

Historical Thinking Matters
This is a website focused on key topics in U.S. history, designed to teach students how to critically read primary sources and how to critique and construct historical narratives.

How Big Really?
Help students make connections between the scale of events going on in the world and their own geographical location. This website lets you juxtapose the size of historical events, present and past (i.e. the Gulf oil spill or a World War II battle) over a satellite view of where you live. Test it out to see how this visual representation can bring the size of world events into the realm of student understanding.

A History of the World in 100 Objects
Use the interactive site to learn how 100 objects discovered around the world explain our human history. Listen to the podcast (available on the site or via iTunes) to hear a narration for each object.

Teaching History
Find exemplary resources for US History content, teaching materials, and best practices. Lots to explore!

Community Walk
Take relevant locations for your content and create points on a map with descriptors. The site does contain some ads.

Famous Presidential Speeches
State of the Union, Inaugural, Resignation, Fireside Chats - Use this resource to study the words of current and former presidents.

History Animated
Choose a war listed in the main menu (left side of the page), then click on the name of a specific battle to see its movements depicted on a map. Currently only the American Revolution, Civil War, and Pacific War are included.

7 Wonders Panoramas
Take a look at the 7 Wonders of the World with a 360 degree view.

Playing History
Your source for a wide variety of games, simulations, and interactive material which illustrate historical concepts.

What's Your Dark Ages Character?
Upload your photo and choose a name, clothing, and profile to appear as a Dark Ages character. Email the resulting character to anyone or take a screen shot to use the photo in appropriate projects.

Medal Maker
Medals have been given to people for centuries to commemorate special events or victories. At this website, you can create a medal to award someone using the historical context of your choice.